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Wings 'n Wheels, your specialist travelorganisor. USA, Canada, Hawaii, Alaska, Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Ocean Island are our very well known destinations.

This website contains a significant number of trips! Select a single or multiple combinations of continent(s), country(s), region(s) within the country and/or the type(s) of travel , even specific theme(s)s  and we will show you a large number of choices. The more selections you apply, the more detailed the search will be and fewer results will show. Additionally and foremost we are the specialist for all tailor-made travel, be it a single stay or up to a long and unusual selfdrive, we will simply organise for you and your party the most professionally and best trip you can think of. Of course, for a tailor-made trip, we need as much detailed information as you can provide, in order to compose the most accurate itinerary and quote from the very start. Each change and modification implies laborcosts and may subsequently weigh somewhat on the overall tourprice. Thanks for your confidence.

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