USA Pacific Coast

With the Pacific Coast or Westcoast of the United States are the States along the Western coastline. There is then referred to the States California, Oregon and Washington. Major cities in this region are Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego. The coast line was through history and the many years inhabited by different nationalities. This makes the culture also younger, for example, than the East Coast. California was first Spanish and later Mexican territory, which makes that there is a clear latino atmosphere in the south of the west coast. Asians also found their way to the West Coast, mainly in San Francisco and Los Angeles. San Francisco's Chinatown is the oldest and most vibrant cultural center of North America. The coastline has large cities, but they all have a large part of green, by different cultural practices such as cycling and organic gardening. In the Northwest are Portland and Seattle as the coffee-capitals of the world. Starbucks has its foundations in Seattle, but both cities are known for small coffee roasters. The culture is shaped by the environment, the forests, mountains and rain. That last is probably why the region is known as bibliophile and there are many better books stores.

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